About chartered buses
Q. What size group do I need to rent out a bus?
A. Capacity by bus type is listed below.Please use below the capacity.
Motor coaches: 44-45 people (up to 53 people with fold-out seats)
Medium-sized buses: 27-28 people
Minibuses: 16-22 people
Q. Will the bus be cramped if filled to near full capacity?
A. It may be cramped if you have a lot of luggage. Please be aware that, if everyone in your group is carrying golf, skiing, snowboarding, or baseball gear, or large wheeled luggage, it may be necessary to fold up seats in order to make room for the luggage (minibuses in particular do not have a lot of trunk space).
Q. What kind of amenities do your buses have?
A. Our buses are equipped with amenities such as TVs, video players, refrigerators, kettles, and karaoke machines. However, amenities vary depending on the type of bus, so please check with us before you make your booking.
Q. Can you arrange for a tour guide to be on board the bus?
A. We can.
However, depending on the season, guide availability may be limited.
Q. Can you make arrangements for meals, sightseeing activities, and accommodation?
A. We can.
In addition to buses, we can also make arrangements for things like plane and ferry tickets and overseas travel. If you’d like to make such arrangements, don’t hesitate to ask us.
Q. Do all of your buses have trunk space?
A. We have buses of all types—from minibuses to motor coaches—with plenty of built-in trunk space for storing luggage.
However, not all of our buses have trunk space, so please inform us in advance if you will be carrying a lot of luggage.
If not all of the luggage fits in the trunk, it may be stowed in the seats. Please be aware that, in such cases, the number of available seats will be less than the stated capacity.
Fees and Cancellations
Q. Is it cheaper to book one motor coach, or multiple minibuses?
A. Generally it is cheaper to book one motor coach.
For multiple buses, multiple drivers are required, so it is generally the more expensive option.
Q. What does the price of a chartered bus cover?
A. Please see below for a breakdown of what is and is not included in the price of a chartered bus.
– The driver fee includes the fare and the cost of fuel.
– The insurance fee includes mandatory vehicle liability insurance for any vehicle accidents or accidents that occur on board.
Not included
– Road tolls, parking fees, and ferry fares are not included in the price.
– Other expenses such as tour guide fees and crew accommodation are not included.
Q. How can I pay?
A. Please make payment by bank deposit before the date specified on the invoice we give you. Generally, we do not accept payment on the day of departure.
Q. Do expressway and toll road fees vary depending on the type of bus?
A. Charges do vary depending on bus type. Vehicle classification is as follows.
– Motor coaches: Extra-large vehicle
– Medium-sized bus: Large vehicle
– Minibus: Medium sized vehicle
 If you would like to check expressway and toll road fees, we recommend Drive Plaza (http://www.driveplaza.com/) (website in Japanese).
Q. At what point do cancellation fees apply?
A. It depends on the number of days you have booked the bus for and the contents of your plan. Incidentally, Article 15 of the Charter Bus Transportation Agreement states that cancellation fees shall be 20% of the total cost for cancellations made 14-8 days before the date of departure, 30% for 7 days before, 50% for 24 hours before, and 100% for cancellations on the day of departure.
Other Questions
Q. What kind of information is required to request an estimate or make a booking?
A. Please inform us of your travel plans (if you are planning a one-way, round, or day trip, and your schedule including accommodation, sightseeing, etc.), the number of people in your group, your point of departure, the places you want to visit, your final destination, and your desired time of departure and return.
Q. After making a booking, what kind of proceedings are required?
A. The general procedure is as follows.
1. Briefing and confirmation of journey (briefing may be conducted in person or via phone, fax, or e-mail)
2. Necessary proceedings for bus rental (parking reservations, application for travel permits, reservations for driver accommodation if required, etc.).
3. Payment
4. Please change 4 or 2 days ago.
Q. Can I request a new estimate or change the contents of my booking?
A. Yes.
However, should you change the type of bus or your destination, the cost may differ greatly from that given in your initial estimate. Additionally, depending on availability, we may be unable to comply with your request.
Q. How long after receiving an estimate should I make my booking?
A. Please make your booking as soon as possible. Availability is particularly limited during peak season.
Additionally, depending on your desired bus type and the contents of your plan, in some cases, we may not be able to comply with your request, regardless of the season.
A request for an estimate is not a booking. Please note that we cannot guarantee availability.
Q. If I absolutely must change the contents of my booking on the day, who should I speak to about doing so?
A. First, please consult your driver. Your driver will contact their supervisor, and if possible, your changes will be approved.
However, please note that additional fees apply for reservation changes made for the customer’s convenience.
Q. Should I purchase insurance in case of accident?
A. We recommended purchasing travel insurance.
While chartered buses are covered by mandatory vehicle liability insurance, this only covers vehicle accidents and accidents which occur on board.
As this insurance does not cover any accidents that may occur off the bus, we recommend purchasing travel insurance just in case something goes wrong.
Q. Can I bring food and drink on the bus?
A. You can. If you want to enjoy eating and drinking on the bus, please bring as much food and drink as you like.
Q. Do you offer annual contracts?
A. Yes, we do. Please contact us for details.